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Niki Hasler celebrates its 38th year as a family business which has developed into a major Ferrari dealer having shared the journey with the prestigious Italian marque – and looking forward to sharing many more milestones together!

The Hasler family connection with Ferrari started in an official capacity in the 1980s when Niki's father, Walter Hasler started a Ferrari dealership in Frick. Both Niki's father and uncle were real enthusiasts and frequently drove Ferraris on the road and so it is no surprise that Niki contracted "Ferrari Fever" from a very young age.

In fact Niki spent his childhood working in the family dealership which was also an official Mercedes Benz dealer and started his formal working career as a mechanic. After an extensive grounding learning how to maintain the cars and to appreciate their quality of engineering, Niki made a logical progression into traditional management roles within the company.

After an invaluable apprenticeship working for his father, in 2002 Niki made the decision to take over the family Ferrari dealership and subsequently moved it to the current location in Basel, starting off with a team of 7 employees. Meanwhile, the company already has 31 staff and the opening of the adjacent building and exhibition area is planned for spring 2021.

Classic Ferrari in Switzerland

All Niki Hasler workforce share a common vision of providing the best customer service experience and are grateful for the privilege of representing Ferrari - the greatest exotic car brand in the world and still proudly built entirely "terra di motore".

We welcome an opportunity to share our experience and enthusiasm for Ferrari with you and hopefully meet or exceed standards of customer service that you would expect from such an illustrious brand.

Here is a Q&A session with Niki which conveys our passion for the Cavallino Rampante.

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